SI Labs

"S&I is an agency specializing in strategy consulting for online businesses"

Founder & ConsultantAlexander Ljung

Alexander Ljung is motivated by the innovation taking place at the intersection of social science, technology and business. Through several years within the media and advertising industry coupled with a long lasting love of the internet he has accumulated a wide range of skills spanning from the details of production to the long term thinking of developing solid strategy. Combining his interest in social media with vanguard business thinking Alexander has worked with strategy in a wide range of settings stretching from Pan-European media houses to Scandinavian telcos. Recently he spent a year researching internet sociology and authoring a book on web-trust.

Alexander has a M.Sc. in Media Technology with a major i Human Computer Interaction from The Royal Institute of Technology and has studied marketing and business development at Stockholm School of Economics.

Founder & ConsultantEric Wahlforss

Eric Wahlforss first discovered the web in 1995 and has been passionate about it since. Over the years Eric has been involved with the web on almost every level, as an interface designer & programmer, interaction designer and strategist. Eric’s current focus lies on how new technologies and trends affects the strategy of online businesses. He has previously been working as an independent interaction design consultant for companies such as gate5 and have recently co-written a book on web-trust.

Eric has a M.Sc. in Industrial Economics with a major in software engineering from The Royal Institute of Technology and spent three years studying economics at the Stockholm School of Economics.

ConsultantMartin Larsson

Martin gets kicks out of great communication, and is inspired by how media convergence, web innovation and digitalisation are affecting the nature of individuals, communities and brands. After years of hands-on experience from most fields of media production, Martin is now focused on how the rules of the game are changing for brands, and what it takes to get across to consumers in the new world. He has recently worked as a project manager during the start-up of an exclusive social network in Dubai, the first of its kind in the region.

Martin has a M.Sc. in Media Technology with a major in Human Computer Interaction from The Royal Institute of Technology and a B.B.A. with a major in Marketing from Stockholm School of Business. He has also studied graphic design at Parsons School of Design and advertising & marketing at Hong Kong UST Business School

ConsultantSorosh Tavakoli

Sorosh Tavakoli loves moving pictures. He’s passionate about the possibilities offered by the internet, partly as a distribution channel, but foremost as an enabler of new consumption patterns and behaviors. As part of the reinvention of the current Swedish TV majors, Sorosh has recently produced the report “Moving Pictures 2007” for MMS (Media Measurements in Scandinavia). The report offers new perspectives based on a nationwide survey of both how and how much moving pictures are consumed in Sweden. During the spring of 2007 Sorosh has held more than 15 talks at several different companies and conferences and appeared frequently within the Swedish press.

Sorosh has a M.Sc. in Media Technology with a major in Moving Pictures from The Royal Institute of Technology and has studied business development within the media industry at Stockholm School of Economics.