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Trust, Society & The Profile: On user representations and the role of trust in online social spaces

Trustmojo Book

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Trust has long been essential to all collaboration, commerce and the forming of community and society in the offline world. With the increasing social activity taking place on the web, Ljung and Wahlforss have set out on a deep exploration of the elusive notion of interpersonal trust in order to understand its implications and possibilities for today’s social websites.

Within this book the authors present four case studies of Silicon Valley based internet companies and discuss their design and strategy from a sociological perspective by borrowing heavily from offline social theory on trust. The book presents an overview of how to understand trust in relation to creating online social spaces and discusses tensions and social implications that can arise. The book Trust, Society & The Profile is the result of a year long research project based in San Francisco and Stockholm and aims to explore the intersection between social software and offline social theory on trust.

Moving Pictures 2007 (Rörliga bilder 2007)

Moving Pictures 2007

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The ways of consuming “moving pictures” have increased greatly during the recent years to a point where we can talk of an explosion of consumer possibilities. The technologies are getting better, infrastructure is improving and we can see both interfaces and users getting more mature. This development, exposing both new possibilities and threats, literally affects every single person working within the moving pictures industry. In order to to make the right decisions based on high quality information and statistics, Moving Pictures 2007 has been produced.

The report from MMS gives a new perspective on moving pictures by looking at how and how much moving pictures are consumed on various platforms in Sweden. The results of the 138 page-report has been quoted frequently in the Swedish media. Sorosh Tavakoli was the project leader for the first edition of the report in 2007.

Sensation: A Presence Enabler for Long-Distance Relationships using Skype and Visual Presence Representation


This paper is available in PDF.

In this research paper, written for- and presented at The HCI Group at The Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Alexander and Eric describe Sensation, a system that enables two people to establish a non-intrusive audiovisual link between one another, utilizing Skype for audio transmission and subtle pulsating lights for presence indication. Sensation is not a phone, not a conference system, and – most importantly – it is not about just connecting spaces.

Sensation is a presence enabler in long-distance relationships, emotionally connecting people who happen to be geographically far apart. It is intended as a realistic near-future consumer product, as such affordable and easy to use. The concept of sensation and its prototype where developed and researched during the autumn of 2006 – this research paper presents selected findings from the project.