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"S&I is an agency specializing in strategy consulting for online businesses"

Our Philosophy


PixelAche Conference, Finland

At Strategy & Interaction we are absolutely passionate about the new web. We love innovative thinking in online strategy and clever concepts for pushing the envelope in user experience. We believe that the web is becoming increasingly social and interactive, and that companies need to understand the importance of this development and craft solid strategies around it.

For us, interaction is not only about getting the design or experience for a single user right. Successfully managing interaction requires knowledge about the entire user community and how services function in the social and technical ecosystem in which they exist. By understanding how users interact with a service in its context we create business strategies that assure affect, influence and competitive advantage when implemented by our clients.

Below you find a few of the clients we are currently working with.


Happy Birthday S&I

We are proud to present the birth of a new consulting agency specializing in strategy consulting on the new web. Strategy & Interaction is our name and we want to help you succeed with your online activities. Founded by Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss and made even stronger by the addition of Sorosh Tavakoli S&I is an agency at the cutting edge of web knowledge. So, don’t hesitate to give us a call and have a chat about thinking business in terms of interaction online and how to successfully build a strategy to take full advantage of the possibilities at hand.